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With 1500 m² the Lokschuppen is one of the largest exhibition centres in Germany. For 30 years, it has won a reputation for it’s historico-cultural, ethnological and natural history special exhibistions.

Giants of the Ancient Seas takes us on a journey through the deep oceans of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous. A fantastic production on high scientific level shows live-size figures and a one of an astaounding collection of original fossiles.

Through the well-directed use of modern multmedia technology we could bring the quiet witnesses of the past to life. We could show the animals aesthetic motion just like a nature documentary.
Thge light and audio created a captivating under-water world.


ClientLokschuppen Rosenheim
ArchitectsAtelier Hammerl & Dannenberg
Die Infografen
  • Media concept
  • Media planning
  • Animation, video production
  • Software development
  • Multi-channel projections
  • Multitouch applications
  • Kinetic display